Payday 2 - Be the ghost! skill tree by GERMIA #2 (EN)

After receiving a lot of messages to share with you my skill trees in Payday 2, I´ve decided to write these three guides into my spending of experience points into skills and show you this way, what i like to play the most. I think you can inspire yourselves with what i did and have a better enjoynment of the game because of it ;)

This skill tree is made for stealth scenario only with rather small tweaks to help if the scenario goes loud (akimbo, Valkyria). It´s oriented on concealment, movement speed, silent kills, ECM jammers blocking electronics and lockpicking. The main weapons are silenced pistols, so you can be the ghost of the team - the one, that kills without being seen or leaving a trace.

You can view this skill tree online by CLICKING HERE.


- The only boosted deployable equipment in the skill tree are the ECM jammers. You have two of them and they can be used to open certain doors, ATM´s, have increased duration and delay the pager response time.
- If you´re doing a stealth mission, destroying a camera is a risk, because it could be noticed by guards. This skill tre allows you to apply a camera loop by standing under it and interacting with the camera. Then the camera doesn´t see anything for 20 seconds. Best for using against undestroyable cameras in Deathwish difficulty.
- Adds the value to all items you pick up, so it´s best to be the one in your group to pick up money packs, jewellery and other smaller loot.
- You are made for carrying bags - you carry them fast, you interact with them fast, you throw them really far.
- You can mark guards and cameras by pressing F if you see them even in casing mode (without mask).
- You can pick up smaller things like cards, money packs in casing mode.
- Your lockpicking speed is boosted and you can even lockpick some smaller safes.
- Your movement speed is boosted.
- Your skills support the use of silenced weapons and pistols.
- You have increased concealment of melee weapons and your whole concealment is increased.
- While standing still, you automatically highlight people around you in 10 meter radius.
- You have 6 cableties to be able to controll the mission even when your group is not full and there are a lot of civilians.
- You can unlock a Spotter asset before some mission, that installs spy cameras, that highligh enemies for you to see.
- You can run and aim at the same time.


This skill tree is best to combine with following perk decks:
 - Hitman - akimbo skill (using 2 pistols), armor recovery.
 - Burglar (Clover character pack DLC) - higher chance to dodge enemy fire, better chance not to be spotted by enemy,

2) Make sure you have your weapons modified before using! If you shoot a weapon without silencer in stealth, the sound will alert the guards and scare civilians. Keep in mind, that you want to reach the lowest concealment number, that determines the time to spot you. If you don´t want to be spotted, equip, pistols, smaller weapons and small melee weapons with  high concealment number (high by weapons, low by overall number)

3) If you want to succeed your mission even if your stealth mission turns loud, it´s good to equip on
of the following weapons:
- If you own DLC Sokol character pack, his automatic rifle Valkyria could be modified to reach the concealment of pistols (picture). You have a higher damage weapon, that doesn't handicap you in stealth.
- Second alternative is using Hitman perk with akimbo skill, that allows you to equip 2 pistols as a primary weapon. Great choice is to equip Desert eagles with microlaser and silencer (picture). You have then one of the highest damage dealing weapons in game, that could kill even a special enemy in one shot. But to reach better concealment number, you can equip some smaller pistols as akimbo too.

4) This skill tree needs to be used with ECM jammers - It´s the only boosted deployable equipment in the skill tree: You have two of them and they can be used to open certain doors, ATM´s, have increased duration and delay the pager response time.


Best useful is this skill tree on all heists you need to do stealthy.
I can mention some of the hardest heists, where you can apply some of my proven strategies:
1) Big Bank - one partner takes a mask, second using this skill tree marks enemies, takes card, searches for keys and computers in casing mode.
2) First world bank - same strategy as Big Bank, the second one takes mask as late as in the safe.
3) GO Bank/Bank heist - fast lockpicking allows you to open deposit boxes silently and faster than usual.
4) Shadowraid - Spotter asset, marking guards and cameras, fast interacting with bags, camera loop, fast movement and intimidation of guards can help you make this heist smoothly on Deathwish.
5) All other stealthy heists


You can edit this skill tree to help you with drilling in stealth scenario. Enhancing drilling skills give you faster drilling with a chance to restart itself when stuck. This could be done by decreasing the time for camera loop (from 20 seconds to 10 seconds) and deleting some skills for precision and damage of silenced weapons.
The edited skill tree for drilling can be viewed online here.e1449138862994883

I hope you like this guide I made with a little help of my more experienced friends. Keep in mind, it´s something, that fits my gameplay, it´s not an universal guide into Payday and enjoy!
Yours germia :)

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