Quake 3 Arena ROCKET JUMP?

How to do it?
- you have 2 possibilities - LEARN it, or put the RJ SCRIPT into your Q3A config

1) the script:bind mouse3 "cl_yawspeed 22501;+left;+moveup;+attack;wait 2;-left;-moveup;-attack;+left;wait 2;-left;cl_yawspeed 140"
(only for llamas like the one on the right side of this site)
-disadvantage: you cannot controll the height of the jump

2) how to learn it
I do it the way i run to the point on the training map, i turn about 180 degrees and then jump. Immediatelly after jumping, i click "fire button" and shoot the rocket. (turning is only the thing that helps me navigate the jumping, but it is not necessary!) But im not very skilled jumper, so watch the movie under this text. It shows the whol RJ map even with the secret. Look how its done.

Where to train it?
On QUAKELIVE  you can train it on the practice RJ map. Go to "Practice", "Training center" and then "Elevate: Reaching Great Heights" Where is it exactly you can see on the picture.


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