Rocket launcher cosplay prop for Anubis Pharah by Germia

Pharah rocker reference

Props that move, shoot, shine, smoke or do any other effect are alway a nice addition to a cosplay, especially if you plan to make an appearance in a cosplay contest. It is quite normal to have a shining prop for your cosplay and basic work with LED's can you learn from tutorials and books by Kamui cosplay. So count on it, other contestans will have LED lights as well, so you have to add something more.

I decided to make my rocket launcher prop for my Pharah cosplay fully operational - that means it can shoot rockets, it can shine on 3 different places and it has a built-in kill counter.
Art by nick Russell

The first thing you need to do is to find a reference picture and measure the right proportions of your costume. For this purpouse you can use the Pharah referrence guide on official Overwatch page HERE  or this 3D model by Nick Russell. According to wiki page Pharah should measure about 180 cm, so from this information you can extract info about the measurements of the gun. I counted it and it should measure something above 75 cm. The in-game model is a good referrence too. I made a pattern for you to use in this post of mine :) 

And let's dive into what I've used for this rocket launcher. Two most important parts were a plumbing pipe and a small nerf gun MEGA for big foam darts. I cut the holes according to the pictures on the top for the reload mechanism and for a small led light, I cut the hole for the handle of the nerf gun, cut it to the right lenght and made small holes for led strip on the front and batteries on the bottom. I also cut a window for the kill counter.

I also painted the whole nerf gun black. Then I made the LED lights - warm white LED strip for the front one smaller yellow light on the top of the pipe on the front and one yellow led light for the back, that should be kinda hidden inside of the pipe and led the wires into a hole in the middle of the pipe on the bottom, where the batteries should be hidden (in a deattachable handle). I've used a 9V battery for the LED strip and 1 3V battery for both smaller lights and the lights are connected to a small swith on the bottom of the gun. All these things are basic electronics, that I've already described on my facebook page in my Paladin cosplay prop sword pictures. I carefully attached the wires to the inner side of the pipe with ducktape.The I covered the lights in the yellow document foil, that could be slightly formed by heating.
To better difuse the lights, I've used the white packaging stuff, which I glued together with hotglue. Careful, hot glue doesn't stick well to the plumbing pipe - you have to use chemoprene glue on most places.

To protect the electronics, I decided to insert a big toilet paper roll inside - it will protect the wires from flying rockets. So I took a big paper roll, cut it accordingly and reinforced the end with worbla. I also used the paper roll for reload mechanism. Because the nerf gun I bought should be reloaded from the front, I heated up the rests from the plumbing pipe and formed a small slide, that I glued and sewn to a fabric and to the paper roll. From the bottom I sewn into the paper roll a small black elastic band. If I want to reload the weapon, I lie the rocket on the slide, press the slide down, so the elastic band stresses and I insert the rocket into the nerf gun. Then the elastic band moves the slide up, so the gun can be shot.

I bought a click counter for the kill counter, cut the plastic case to fit into my gun and spraypainted it black. Then I glued it on the right position on the paper roll and inserted the paper roll (painted black) inside the pipe. Then I glued the toilet paper roll inside, fixed it with EVA foam on the from from the sides and glued also the nerf gun inside. Then I wrapped the whole gun in black moosgummi/craftfoam.

Then it is just the decorating with EVA foam and worbla with your skill and good patterning work (I try to scan all the patterns I have and post them online if I find them :D).
I alwas make a pattern from paper and then I cut it from foam and dremmel for smooth edges or better shape. Here are some pictures from my progress with foam. I used worbla only for a small part next to the back LED light, Everything is EVA foam and mossgummi. The shiny lines are made from golden PVC fabric, cut and heated and glued with chemoprene glue. Every piece of foam is glued with chemoprene glue too ;)

I also made a golden wing part for this gun, that is specific only for the Anubis nad Jackal skin. I've used an engraving machine for small detailwork like different lines and arrows, that are on the gun. The magazine is made out of foam, transparent rubber bands and small paper roll. The foam rockets are fastened to a paper roll with small transparent rubber bands and a worbla piece with velcro is holding the magazine on it's place. Tha magazine could be tilted and opened and the rockets disassembled when needed.
Rockets are made out of rolled paper, hardened with papermache, decorated with craftfoam and the tip part is made out of dremmeled EVA foam. The details are engraved with engraving tool, everything is dremmeled into the right shapes and painted with different shades of acrylic colors.

The batteries are covered by a handle, that I for better sturdiness covered in black worbla.and decorated with moosgummi.The handle could be attached to the gun with velcros.

I painted the whole gun black and the golden parts are painted with rich golden acrylic color and shaded it with black and brown acrylic color. Silver is a combinated of both pebeo and koh-i-noor colors. I use koh-i-noor for the basic silver and I paint it with a small make-up sponge. Then I've used bright silver pebeo color for highlights. For the metallic surface of the black color I used custom made colors - shiny black and metallic black  from czech company Art-e-miss.

There was a big challenge for me to make the carbon handles for the gun. I thought it could be made from carbon car foil (left picture), that self sticks to most surfaces and can be slightly formed by heating, but it doesn't stick very well to foam and you can't use it for complex surfaces (like the handle in the middle), it's good just on flat or slightly curved surfaces. The handle on the picture was the best result I could achieve.
So I had to think about other option - I painted the handles light silver and then paintbrushed (or you can spraypaint) it black through meshed fabric or in my case big cullender and that's it, Then I only highlighted the screws with silver color.

I don't use any primer for my work and I also son't use any finish.

Now you have a rocket launcher!

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