Anubis Pharah print-out data sheet for wings and gun

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Making an armor is not just cutting out foam and gluing parts together. The first thing you have to do
is to make a pattern for your armor from paper, that could be traced onto foam. And to make your pattern in the right proportions, you need to measure it in game and count the measurements like hell.

And as I invested a lot of time and work into counting the right measurements of both weapon and wings and traced all the shapes on my computer to fit my body, I've decided to share with you the documents, that you just print out, glue together and voilà - you can be sure you have the right length and width and your armor proportions will be just right!


And here's how I counted:

In the cosplay reference manual for Pharah, there is written, that she measures 180 cm (wow, that's exactly like me!), so I counted the length of the gun and wings according to her height. And if Paharah is 180 cm tall, the wings should be somewhere around 120 cm long and the gun somewhere above 75 cm. The wings for Anubis Pharah look the same as the default armor (they're just black-gold), so I could use them.
Keep in mind, that it's good to cosplay Pharah if you're as tall as her. If you're 150 cm high, it's pretty hard to do the armor proportions right not to look ridiculous on you. That's why all the pdf files I uploaded for you are suitable for girls around 175-185 cm for the proportions to be just right.

The wings:

I cut out the wing shape from the reference manual, traced the borders in Gimp (freeware Photoshop) cut them into pieces, that were as big as an A4 page. These pieces are then transfered into DOCX file and are ready to print out. Be careful, because all the pieces overlap slightly, so it's up to you to glue them properly! But the completed wing should look like this and measure around 120 cm:


P.S. Be careful by tracing the wings! Pharah's wings are actually two big wings from 2 parts (4 parts together), so you have to trace the wing 4 times (each part having just one pointy part and one jet exhaust) to make it right, just look on the picture here:


The rocket launcher:

I worked my way through the reference pictures from the official manual and unfotunately, there are no proper side pictures of the gun - it always slightly leans on the side, so I had to work with both in-game pictures and a gun concept by Nick Russel.
On the picture on the right, you can see the default weapon, but if you compare it to Anubis Pharah weapon skin, you can notice, Anubis skin has a small golden wing on the side and more decorations on the top, so I transfered them from the game onto the gun and made them slightly transparent for the cosplayers, who doesn't want to make Anubis/Jackal skin and doesn't want to include  the wing and decoration. And the completed rcoket launcher should look like this and measure around 75-80 cm:



I hope these data-sheets will be useful for someone and if yes, you can follow my work on Anubis Pharah (and other stuff) on my FACEBOOK PAGE.
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