Headhunter Caitlyn - League of Legends - cosplay by Germia

Headhunter Caitlyn from League of Legends

1) Why I chose to make this costume:

I love predator movies and I was admiring these Headhunter designs from League of Legends for a long time. Caitlyn is the kind of jungly-futuristic character, dressed black, silver, red, with badass weapon and armor and a lot of red lights, She's sexy, but is not showing a lot of skin. And when I was asked by my friend to do Headhunter skins together as a group with my Headhunter Caitlyn, I agreed immediatelly.
She's the kind of the challenge I was looking for - opening weapon and work with proper electronics (I kinda bypassed electronics in my past costumes with using done lights in a clever way before) and leather, wig styling.


2) How I made this costume:

1) Helmet and hair

I've bought this afroamerican wig and looked like Whoopi Goldberg - so it had to be braided. I've made some dreadlocks, but it didn't look good, so i've decided to braid the wig in medium braids (classical - from three hair straps) and i think it looks more like dreadlocks than real dreadlocks, lol! It took me a whole day to braid it. Then i made the helmet from EVA foam, cut the wig in straps and sewed it inside the helmet. So the hair is portable now!
The helmet was made from 0,5 thick EVA foam, the patterns I drew on paper first and tried on myself. The sides of the helmet are hollow, it's once again just EVA foam glued from three pieces I designed on paper first. Then I glued them on  small foam parts and sewed to a black plastic headband. I made holes with my dremmel tool into the headband and it holds the side parts on their place. Then it's painted with acrylic black and silver color with my sponge technique. It holds on my head with the help of bobbypins hidden in the hair.

2) Goggles

I've thought long about how the goggles should look. They look different on the in-game model and on the concept art, so I've decided to draw my own version, that has features from both designs. The in-game model looks like the goggles are on the elastic band and the concept art looks really mechanical. I've decided to choose the more practical version with elastic band, that I sewed and glued into goggles. The glasses are made out of red plastic folder book (foil). The goggles are made out of 0,5 EVA foam and decorated with moosgummi. On the right side, there's a "focusing lens", that shines. I made this once more from EVA foam, led light with wires, electric switch, battery and battery holder. The inside surface is a red shiny gift bag under red folder book foil, that is sanded to difuse the light and some whote stuff, that difuses the light too. The whole thing is mounted on a rivet and EVA foam base. It could be moved thanks to a metalrivet inside.

3) Skirt

The skirt is made out of a dark red (wine) velvet shirt I bought in a second hand store. I cut the shirt in 2 stripes, that I sewn together. A made the borders uneven to look like a teared piece of clothing and I sealed the borders with lighter. Than I made holes in the seam with awl and sealed them again with lighter, then I put a natural fibre string into it. On the top of the skirt, there is a velcro and metal closing mechanism, the skirt is convolutional (CZ: zavinovací).

4) Skull

It's made out of ceramic self-hardening clay shaped on foam base, painted with acrylic colors. And as I know i can't achieve a smooth clean colored skull without airbrush, I've decided to paint it like nature would paint an old skull - i painted it with yellow, brown and black acrylic color and then polished with wet napkin, that uncovered lighter color on places standing out.
The result looks old and dirty. on the bottom part, there are four holes for the skull to be fastened to a belt.

5)  Bracers

The bracers are made out of EVA foam 0,5 cm thick - I made first the patterns from paper and I transfered it onto foam.  I made a big window on both bracers, but only in one window, I installed electronics, because only one bracer of the model desing is shining. I've used a red moosgummi as a highlight for the non-shining bracer. For the shining bracer, I've used a red LED diod with 3V battery and switch installed in the bracer. It could be changed from the inside. I've used a red shiny gift bag as a base for the whole window, than I covered it in red foil and glued to the place. The bracers are painted with black and silver acrylic colors. They can be opened and closed on the inside side with velcro stripes.

6) Vest
The vest is made out of brown solid leather, that I used from old jacket I bought in the second hand store. I adjusted and sewn it to fit my tightly and fitter in some velcro and buttons to hold in place. The decorated shoulderpieces are made out of old brown leather belt, that I divided in thwo parts and sewn into place.
The whole armor on top of that is made out of EVA foam - 1 cm for breast armor heated to shape right, 0,5 cm EVA foam for the rest and decorations - everything dremmeled for smooth appearance. The EVA is underglued with black fabric, glued to the jacket and is fastened with velcros. I've made a gemstone to the middle of the jacket - I used a red glass decoration for flower pots, I made a bezel for it from moosgummi and I glued it to the button in the middle of the jacket.

7) Belly and back armor

I've made two part armor from craftfoam (2mm) underglued with black fabric, the muscle decorations  are made out of 0,5 EVA foam. The amor holds it place because of velcros and elastic band. On the back side there are velcros to fasten to the jacket, on the front side there is one velcro to wrap around the middle of my bra and two velcros to hold onto a jacket. The elastic bands goes in the crotch area and connects on both sides of the armor. It is then painted with black and silver acrylics.

8) Back armor with light

The back armor was made out of 0,5 EVA foam, glued to the jacket. The electronics are made with the same steps like bracer armor, but the battery could not be removed from the inner part - i didn't want to cut a hole into the jacket, so I made this from two parts connected with velcro. Every velcro is swen into the foam and the seams are covered with craftfoam.

9) Shoes
The shoes are the same black leather shoes on hig heels I've used for my Vayne cosplay. I made a pattern out of paper tape and aluminium foil, transfered it on black fabric and black craftfoam, glued together. Than I made the back part from craftfoam with underglued fabric too, glued to one side, but pur a velcro from the other side to allow it open. The I decorated the opening back part with moosgummi/craftfoam. The front tip of the boot is made out of craftfoam too and the leaves decorating the whole boot are glued to the craftfaom creeling and made out of 0,5 EVA foam. On the bottom, there is a velcro fastening too. Everything is painted with black and silver acrylic color.

10) Tights

The tights are made out of net catsuit I bought on e-bay as a sexy lingerie, black leggings with shiny dotted pattern and a skin-toned  t-shirt I bought in a second hand store. I decided to use a skin-toned colored fabric for the inner part of my legs, because I wanted to feel safe wearing this cosplay and don't attract too much attention with a very short skirt and nothing hifing my crotch area. The second reason of using this were the tights itself, because I think without this part it would not hold in place. I used short black shorts and I sewed it on myself, because I don't have anyone to sew it on, or a sewing dummy. On the blacks shorts I connected the skin toned fabric and leggings and on one leg the net catsuit leg.

11) Net bodysuit

Caitlyn has the net bodysuit even on her body, so I cut a part of the bodysuit and sewn an elastic band in the area of shoulders and crotch to hold on it's place.

12) Biceps armor with tooth

Caitlyn has a tooth on some brown bands fastened to her right hand. I decided to pimp it up a little and I used some scraps from the net bodysuit and leggings and made this predator-like thing holding the tooth, that I made from self-drying ceramic clay. The tooth has a hole inside and a place for the natural fibre lining to go. The rest is made out of brown leather with velcro. As an addition I had to make a small strap from leather connecting to the jacket, because of the weight it didn't hold in it's place.

13) Collar

I didn't really knew how the collar looks like, because there is no way how to see that on the model, splashart or concept art. I knew it is metal and pointed, so I decided to make my own design out of EVA foam, that is connected with velcro on the back, decorated wit EVA foam and craftfoam, painted with acrylic colors.

14) Necklace

The bead necklace is made from polymer clay (different kinds of Cernit).
It took me some time to decide how to do the beads, because the beads on concept, model and art differ in color and shape, so I've made them like this - lot of different decoration made with needle and salt in colors matching to the costume. The salt is making the surface rough and it could be washed after baking.

15) Claws
I bought a black ball glove from e-bay, made claw patterns from paper, cut the from craftfoam (2mm) and glued them with chemoprene glue to the glove. No priming, no base color - the  foam was black, so I shaded it only into silver with silver acrylic color. It is bendable and comfortable to wear, but it takes a lot of damage and it needs to be repainted after every attended event. If you want to have a solid claw, I would recommend using EVA foam with primer, or silicone cement or worbla.

16) Belt and belt armor

The belt is a thick black leather belt I bought in the second hand store and decorated with  brown leather on the front, with small moosgummi amor painted with silver acrylics on the right side and with the setting big shining armor with skull, bronw leather and feathers on the left part. The armor is made out of 1 cm EVA foam decorated with moosgummi, the electronics are made the same as on the bracer, the battery could be removed from the inner side. The armor is underglued with black fabric and has brown leather eyelets sewn into that. The skull holds on it's place because of holes in the armor where the natural fibre lining, that goes through the skull too, could be fastened. I' ve used red goose feathers for the feathers, that I bought on e-bay - the feathers are in the leather eyelits and could be removed. It could be fitted on the belt and the belt is closed with 4 bra hooks, that are sewn into the black thick leather belt.

17) Gun

The base of the gun is made out of cardboard and polystyren sheets glued together (I would use some harder material for the next project - after first even I had to repair the handle part of the gun with worbla, because it breaked). Shaped woth exacto knife and hardened with papermache. Other parts are made out of thick extruded polystyren with a decent structure, that I cut out and shaped woth exacto knife and dremel and covered with papermache too.
I have to say I wanted the gun to open itself, so I tried to make an opening mechanism for it from old umbrella, hotglue, wires and paperroll, that is inside the whole gun, but I discovered in the process of making, that the shoulder of the gun - the three points are too heavy for such delicate mechanism. The thought was good, but I didn't count with somuch weight at start. So I glued the shoulders of the gun to the body of the gun with the help of foam wedge blocks and it looks pretty neat.
So the gun is covered in the papermache and I decorated the details of the gun with moosgummi, and EVA foam (1cm and 0,5cm). Then painted with black and silver acrylics. Everything is glied with chemoprene glue. BE careful, chemoprene glue cannot touch the polystyrene, it will melt it.
I drilled the hole for the drum part of the gun, that is on the bottom part of the gun and with the help od cradboard block fastened it into the gun. I drilled the holes for the lights in the drum part and round middle part, where the small red LED balloon lights could be inserted - so there was no electric wiring needed for the gun. The holes are cover with moosgummi or EVA foam, the drum part is holding with elastic band in place.
The main light in the middle of the shoulders, that looks like a small lightsaber or crystal on the splashart and model is made out of plastic packing for vanilla husk. I inserted in this plastic shape a red foil and the top of the red LED balloon light. I've used a screw from the umbrella to attach it in the mechanism of the gun - so it could be screwed of the gun. To hold on it's place and don't flap arounf I made from hotglue a little saucer around the screw. The light is switched on by screwing too.
I made some red decorations from shiny red giftbags covered in red foil and I made the optic sights from red foil too. And to insert a crosshair there, I've used a whit packaging stuff, that I glued with hot glue on the place. The sights are hotglued in place too.

18) Other

You'll need a red bodypaint or makeup to make her ornament on the left biceps and her eye makeup. I used dark red lip liner to draw it and i think it's much better than any bodypaint.
Caitlyn has different eye color on every material I've used, so you'll not fail to use blue, purple or red color for the eyes. I've used red mysefl, because I think it fits her the most, but I would recommend using blue color, because that is the color of her eyes in the game model.
I recommend looking in my contact lenses guide for that.
On top of that, don't forget to have bobbypins for fastening the wig nad helmet to your hair. If you don't have dark brown or black hair, I recommend hiding it under the wig, if you have the right color, braid it and stick your hair out, because Caitlyn has one dreadlock longer than the others.
And as it is with all other shining cosplays, bring a lot of batteries with you :)


Red goose feathers for the belt armor
Polymer clay Cernit for the beads
Jute cord for necklace, skull and skirt
Red led light bulbs, batteries, battery holders, wires, on/off switches and transistors for bracers, belt armor, helmet, back armor and gun
Fishnet lingerie
Black gloves for claws

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