Vayne - League of Legends - cosplay by Germia

Vayne - League of Legends

my first costume

1) Why I chose to make this costume:

I chose Vayne to be my first costume because of different reasons. I was catched criticising a cosplay and challenged to do my own instead of saying clever things about something i cannot do - so I was actually challenged to show my skill. Second and main reason was to promote my team in a new and original way, but was only one of few to accomplish that wish.


2) How I made this costume:

1) Bodysuit

I needed a fitting bodysuit in the dark blue color ideally. I've seen a lot of Vayne cosplayers wearing black or vivid blue bodysuits, that didn't really look as good as I wanted it to look. I think if the bodysuit is only one colored, there is no need for sewing it. At the end, I've found it in thermowear shop in our city. It's dark blue and has a beautiful pattern, that could be seen from close range.

2) Coat and the collar

The problem with the coat is, that on every picture of Vayne, there is some other color of it - the model is red and the splasharrt is brown. So I decided to follow the splashart look. The splashart is renewed now, I used the older one.
The coat and the collar were made from two genuine leather jackets with similar brown color bought in second hand shop. One of the coats server as a base for the collar,  that I customised to be much higher and pointy. For the inner part I used a red velvet from a skirt I bought in second hand shop too. For the collar to hold shape, I decided to reinforce the collar with a moosgummi layer (craftfoam). The opening of the collar is made in the front side from filigree buckle i bought in haberdashery. The shoulder marks are decorated with silver ribbon and vintage
buttons. On the back part, there are silver vintage buttons to hold the back armor on the place. On the front, there are three straps with 6 spikes used for holding the small silver arrows They hold in place because of drawing-pins and are detachable. Every part of collar and coat is decorated with silver ribbon. The coat is made out of 9 pieces of red velvet for the inner side and 9 pieces of brown leather for the outside. Then it's sewn together layer after layer. It's quite heavy and it holds on it's place with velcro  on the soulders and blue string by the neck. The bottom part of the coat is decorated with silver fabric color like on the splashart.

3) Boots

The boots are black leather long boots covered in brown leather creeling, that holds on it's place with rubber on the shoe sole and with velcro on the back side. The shoe is decorated with moosgummi armoring on the heel and on the front. It's glued and sewn on the leather. The upper part is decorated with silver ribbon, where the hooks used for bra closing are placed. That holds up on the boot and the whole creeling don't slip down. There are two decorating belts made out of leather and golden ribbon and bronze spikes on each shoe. There are two straps on each shoe for the arrows.

4) Minicrossbow

I had to improvise a lot by making crossbow. I had no reference pictures for it and I worked only with splashart picture.
The crossbow is made out of cardboard and several moosgummi layers and I made it harder by covering it in resin. Then I decorated it with antislipping latext for socks and wooden chips, that look like rivets. The arrow part is made out of toilet paper roll covered in moosgummi and decorated with czech glass cabochon. The whole thing holds on the bracer with velcro.

5) Bracers

Bracers are made from mossgummi, decorated with wooden chips and closed like a corset. They're really fragile and start to tear on some places now. When I'm doing bracers now, I'm using EVA foam (stronger foam) and underglue it with fabric.

6) Accessories - glasses, gloves, hair

It was really hard to find solid red glasses and I had luck I could buy these glasses for bikers with red mirrored glasses really cheap.
The gloves are long silver ball gown gloves I bought in haberdashery.
The hair is mine and it has to be backcombed and reinforced with wire and molitan to look good. There is a gold decorating ribbon for a better look. For my next appearance, I've bought a black 150 cm long wig, because the hair preparation takes about an hour prior photoshooting or action.

7) Belt

The belt is made out of brown leather and red velvet on the inside, decorated with golden ribbon and it holds together because of blue corset-like straps on the end,
Two bottles are made out of real plastic bottles used for soldering rosin, that is decorated with moosgummi and metal filigree buckle, painted with acrylics.

8) Back armor

The back armor is not seen very often on Vayne cosplays, but it´s really there!
What model did I took?
I´ve decided to combine the in-game model with splashart picture of Vayne together. I´ve got the back armor from in-game model and simple epaulets from splash art.
How could the crossbow hold on the back?
In game Vayne puts her big crossbow on the back and it fits on the big round thing with crystal inside. I´ve made the crossbow to fit on my back armor too. There are 4 strong magnets on the armor, that fits to magnets built in the crossbow. And through the big hole in the crossbow you can see the red crystal from the armor underneath.
How it´s made?
The whole back piece is made out of moosgummi layers and as I didn´t really like poor decoration on the in- game model back piece, i´ve decided to make it more decorative. So after I made the shapes out of moosgummi, fixed magnets and crystals inside and decorated th e whole piece with latex, i´ve reinforced small round moosgummi pieces with leather leftovers from the inside and cut holes in there. This procedure I´ve taken because I didn´t wanted to destroy the leather handsewn collar. I´ve sewn only 6 small silver vintage buttons in the collar, that holds the whole moosgummi back armor construction. It could be removed anytime. It ´s painted with acrylic colors with my sponge-tapping technique.

9) Kneepads, shoulderpads and arrows

The kneepads are made out of a wide leather strap with moosgummi and hooks for closing are glued to it. The main part is bigger, it has two moosgummi layers and one molitan layer, to make it look bigger.
The souhlder pads is just moosgummi heated to make rounder shape with hooks for closing and a special glue type, that makes this 3D effect when dry painted with acrylics.
The arrows are made from paper covered in resin for hardening (would definitely use cheaper papermache now) decorated with anti-slipping latex for socks and painted with acrylics. There are used 6 small arrows on the collar, 1 big arrow for minicrossbow and 4 big arrows on the boots.

10) Collar

The collar is made out of two layers of moosgummi and decorated with anti-slipping shoe latex, then painted with black acrylic color and silver acrylic tapped on with sponge. The crystal is a bought one czech glass cabochon. The skull thing is made out of several moosgummi layers too. It holds on place because of a strap, that could be holded in place because of the holes on each side of the collar.

11) Crossbow

It´s made out of cardboard paper hardened with acrylic cement, paper mache and wooden sticks from ice cream. The the montage foam was applied and cut into desired shape. The I've covered some parts in paper mache and I´ve used papermaché mash from mixed toilet paper, wood glue, flour and water. Added glued the gems on, painted with acrylic colors - black and golden, sprayed with acrylic laque.

I have to say, I don't recommend this method - it was a long and hard job with not so smooth outcome. If I would do this once more, I would use a hard extruded polystyren (the grey one) to cut the shape of. Then I wouldn't need to make a paper mache mash, that didn't hold so well on the polystyren, because extruded polystyren is smooth when cut with sharp knife. The grey polystyren could be additionally smoothened with acrylic cement or paper mache and sand paper.

12) Crystals

Tools & materials:
1x paper gift bag with shiny or metallic surface (like this:
1x superglue
1-more (the amount depends on how many you need) glass magnyfying cabochons sold on e-bay (for example here:
1x scissors or exacto knife
Find a piece of the bag, where you like the shiny pattern or structure and put the glass cabochon on it to try how it will look. I´ve bought a bag with a star pattern, so I wanted to have the middle of the star alligned to the middle of the cabochon. Then put a little more of the glue on the spot you´ve chosen before. Glue the cabochon on the paperbag. Try to push real hard on ot to push all the air bubbles out. Let it dry for a longer time (1 day) and then cut out from the paper bag with scissors or exacto knife. Then it´s ready to use! Please, fasten your cabochon with a little bezel on sides made from a moosgummi or worbla to make it more durable!

3) Advanatages and disadvantages of this costume:


- With only a little armor, it's quite good for transportation and storing.
- It's quite popular character, because it' s one of the best ADC's in the game
- It's not so much cosplayed
- I don't need any wig, because my hair is black and long.
- It's not  showing skin, but is still quite sexy


- It's not very comfortable to wear although it does seem like comfortable
- There is a lot of time spent in adjusting my hair before wearing this costume.
- The gun is too big for normal transportation.

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