Demon Hunter - Diablo 3 - cosplay by GERMIA

Demon Hunter - Diablo 3

1) Why I chose to make this costume:

I wanted to really test my skills on a character with a heavy armor and challenging weapon. I decided to choose Demon Hunter from Diablo 3, because it was my favourite character in the game and I played the game then a lot.
I like her darkness, agility and abilities, her look and her sublimity - she's simply a dark, proud female character I fell in love with.


2) How I made this costume: 

1) Bodysuit

The bodysuit are just black leggings and black turtle neck shirt with long sleeves, that could be bought simply in every store. Keep in mind, that some leggings are a little see-through, when you wear them. Try to avoid it, because you have no armor on your back and it could look cheaply to show your underwear.

2) Cape

The cape is made from black velvet, that I bought in second hand shop (in a form of black velvet bathrobe) for really cheap. I just cut off a long straps of this material and made a long scarf out of it, that is wider at the end. I've scorched the borders with lighter and made some scorched holes at the end of the scarf. The cape is then wrapped around the neck and the part with holes is then on the back like a proper cape.

3) Hood

The hood is made from black velvet (the rest from the bathrobe) on the outside and black delicate felt on the inside, that I bought in fabric store. I' ve looked on some tutorial on youtube about making hoods, because I wanted medium-sized hood with quite a pointy top. I tried to draw the shape first on the paper and try it on and when I was satisfied with the result on paper, I've transfered the pattern on the both parts of the hood and sew it together. Then I took an embroidered band with silver lurex effect and sew it to the outer border of the hood. The middle part is then decorated with two cut off pieces of the band and then I've used a metal rivet in a cross shape for decoration. This rivet is used for bikers leather wear. On the bottom parts, there are two bands sewn in for me to be able to tie this thing.

4) Bracer armor

If you look at the pictures, the original character has on both hands bracers, but they don't look similar. One is much bigger than the other.

Bracer is made from several moosgummi (craft foam (2-3mm thick) layers, backed with black felt. Glued together with chemoprene glue and shaped with dremel sander. Painted with black acrylic color, then highlighted with silver acrylic tapped on the bracer with sponge (tutorial here). Shades made again with black acrylic color. Decorations made with latex substance (used for anti-slipping socks) and highlighted with silver metallic marker.
It' fastened with black velcro and there are some foam parts inside to better hold on my arm.
You can use EVA foam instead of craft foam too.

5) Boobs armor

The base of armor is made from yogga matt (but EVA foam would be better!), the upper parts are made from moosgummi glued to thick black felt.
The hardest part of the making was to think of the best 2D shapes on the paper and make the patterns right to look good in 3D. The straps are made from brown leather, that I bought really cheap in form of a vest in second hand shop. Everything is sewn and glued together with chemoprene glue. For decoration there are some silver rivets too. The back is fastened like corset with help of holes and strong braid. And not to change the shape on the end of each leather strap on the back, there are black sew-through corset reinforcements. Upper straps have velcro on the end. Moosgummi parts are then painted with black acrylic color asilver sponge technique (youtube video in bracer part).

6) Leg armor

The hardest part of leg armor was to make a fitting pattern from paper. Second hardest thing was to make straps, that would hold the armor on my leg, that are not to be seen from the outside. As I had no chance to use EVA foam, everything is made from moosgummi underglued with black thick felt. The attachement of the straps is inserted into a small hole in black felt, where the leather loops are glued and sewed into. In the leather loops are metal holders, that are holding the wide leather straps and that's how it holds on my leg. One more holder is on the top and it's fastened with one strap to the corset disallowing the leg armor to fall down.So the leg armor itself is holded with 4 metal buckles and 2 wide leather straps with velcro on the end, that wrap around my leg and one big piece made from moosgummi and felt, that wraps arounf my leg on the top. It holds on place because of green velcro (I would use black, but I didn't have one). The decoration is made from leather parts glued to the piece with chemoprene glue and small borders made from sanded moosgummi. The smallest decoration is made from latex substance made for anti-slipping socks and everything is painted with black and silver acrylic colors.

7) Corset

The corset is made from cheap brown leather I bought in second hand shop as an old vest. It's made out of 10 pieces, that I made first from paper and marked properly not to mess things up, taped the paper together and tried if it fits. Then I sewn all the left and right parts together using special needle with sharp point made out of three edges, that is used for sewing genuine leather.Then I used 4 silver belt buckles and leather straps for the middle part (I remade it three times). and sewn it inside the corset. In every seam, I inserted black plastic sew-through corset reinforcements, otherwise the corset doesn't hold it's shape and has tendencies to slide or squeeze. Iˇve decorated it with brown leather from old handbag, that I dremmeled for lighter color. On the back part, I inserted silver grommets to be able to lace this thing. Then I glued to that the hip armor made from moosgummi and black thick felt, the borders are dremmeled. On the sided you can find brown leather pockets, that I didn't have to sew, because I used the once I got from the old leather vest I bought in second hand store and some leather straps with metal buckles (because it's on the original picture). On the front there is a buckle made from several layers of moosgummi, that hold on it's place with velcros and it's really hand when you want to sit down - you can just remove thu buckle and then you can sit comfortably.

Some description of the picture:
1) base form from genuine leather
2) base form sewn together
3) making of leather straps
4) first prototype (looks awful, sorry, i had to rework this)
5,6) I hid the silver strap holders inside the corset and sewn them to the leather. That rly didn´t help the look of the corset at all.
7) I wanted the circular line to be more distinctive, so I used another colored brown leather stripes to mark the places i wanted to highlight.
8) The shape of the corset wasn´t really good, it rolled on the sides and didn´t really fit well. So I´ve sewn into the corset some plastic reinforcements and that was the breaking point of this project. The corset is really strong and it´s holding the shape well.
9) Remade the belt straps without rivets to look like in game.
10) Sewing and gluing the moosgummi armor to the corset.
11) only some details and acrylic paint and it´s DONE!

8) Pauldrons

First I made the patterns using paper and ducktapem then I have made 2D shapes on both felt and moosgummi, glued it together and glued it then to make 3D shapes. I´ve decorated it with dremmeled moosgummi straps and on some ugly places, I´ve hardened it with air drying ceramic clay. The only thing left is paint, so make a base with gesso or paint right on the moosgummi with black color and then put on the silver color by tapping it with sponge on the surface.
Straps schematics:
I made a drawing of how the whole pauldron structure holds in place. Everything is made out of leather straps with velcros on the end.
1) Velcros round about my triceps area,
2) Velcros connecting the smaller double pauldrons on both right and left arm on the main pauldron inner structure.
3) Velcros fastening the main pauldrons on both sides to the collar avoiding sliping off my shoulder.
4) Leather straps with velcros are connected to the (red) ring (it´s a strong keychain ring) inside the main pauldron and they are holding the main pauldrons on the front and back. They connect on the chest and on the back of my body.
5) Leather straps with velcros on the end are connected by the red ring and go under my shoulder. They are connected in the armpit from the front and back side.
6) Leather strap, that is visible on the breastplate. It goes through the red ring and goes back to the breastplate.
7) Velcro from the inner part of breatplate, that connects to the collar on the sides.
8) Velcro, that is connecting the collar together on the front side.

9) Collar

It's made from black felt and moosgummi with dremmeled mossgummi borders, painted with acrylic colors. It has 5 velcros - 1 to connect together, 2 to connect to shoulder armor and 2 to connect to breastplate - see pauldrons pictures for more info. There is a decoration similar to belt buckle on the backm that is made from moosgummi layers and glued to the place.

10) Boots

I´ve bought cheap brown faux leather musketeer boots on high heels, cut the upper part in the half and decorated it with dremmeled moosgummi. from the back, there are velcros disallowing the upper piece to be "flappy" and holdon it's place. I've made paper patterns for the decoration of the shoes. On the picture you can see everything is fastened with velcro and all the parts, that aren't glued to the shoe are reinforced with black fabric, not to be teared on the most stressed places (because moosgummi is easy to tear when not reinforced). Every velcro is sewn and glued into place. The sewing is hidden under decorating borders. Everything is painted with acrylic colors. Then I bought two black faux-leather dog collars as a decoration (It was cheaper than what would only the small silver belt buckle cost alone) (or you can buy some belts in second hand store).

11) Accessories

Contact lenses, biceps leather straps, leather belts, gloves, makeup.
There are several different "small things", that are really completing the costume. On of the most important,that is making the most difference, are the contact lenses. Demon Hunter has shining white eyes, so I've decided to go with white lenses. More about lenses in my LENSES TUTORIAL.
Don't forget about make-up too. It' s really important in cosplay. For this costume I've used only really light (almost white) make-up for the face, only light lipstick and really shady and big smoky black eyes. I've also made some black shades under my cheekbones to look more scary.
I've made a leather strap on my left arm from leather leftovers and decorated it with small silver rivets. On the other hand I've used a dog collar (the same like for the boots).
And it' s not really important which gloves you use. I've used different types on different occasions - wooly black gloves for the winter photoshoot, cotton black for normal occasions... They just have to be black.

12) Crossbow

Demon Hunter crossbow - progress
After making the whole armoured cosplay I´ve realized there is a big need of a crossbow. I´ve made some research and looked on some DH cosplays and in the game on my items and I´ve decided to make the crossbow from this trailer:
There is this epic crossbow with demon skull, bones, big and arnoured.
I´ve seen one contest, where there was a demon hunter with foldable crossbow and I´ve decided to make it foldable too and make it shiny with the red LED lights from the mouth of demon skull. I´ve seen that and it was made from umbrella.
There were not so many referrence pictures to that particular crossbbow so I had to improvise a little.
The whole crossbow was made from an umbrella with spring. The handle of the umbrella had a shape of U and was made from the wood. I used saw and cut half of the handle off to make a shape of the gun handle. I´ve adjusted the shape and the thickness of the handle by adding foam from yogga matt and this I´ve coverd with papiermache to make it hard. I´ve added foam from yogga matt on the top and bottom of the handle,covered it then with moosgummi and added details from moosgummi. I took an old leather bag made from small leather squares, cut the squares out and made little triangles out of them. I glued the triangles to the handle making a kind of dragon scale look. I´ve then added a trigger made out of foam and fastened it with nails. Then painted.

I've screwed to the top of the umbrella and added a led light for a bicycle - it is fastened with screw. I ´ve made the first layer of foam on the arms. I´ve cut the handle, stuffed it with foam and reinforced it with papiermache (2). Then I´ve taken cardboard, cut two sides of it (3) and reinforced them with wooden sticks (4). Then I´ve covered it in papiermache and fastened it to the crossbow with nails, glue and foam and painted it black (5). Then I´ve covered the arms in moosgummi and painted it black and covered the whole handle in scales, that I´ve made from leather (6). I´ve made a ceramic skull and jaw, two side bones and 6 teeth from clay, painted it with acrylic colors to make it look like dirty and old and fastened the jaw to the crossbow with lot of wires (7). Then I´ve made decorations from moosgummi and base for the horns from foam and fastened the skull and the side bones to the crossbow with wires (8). I´ve added two smaller horn bases and reinforced them with wire to be adjustable and painted it all black (9). I´ve painted the arms of the crossbow silverish metallic and decorated the whole horn structure with moosgummi. I´ve cut out the moosgummi part, painted it with acrylic color, waited till it is dry and glued it to the horn base. And that I´ve repeated the whole day Emotikona grin (10). I´ve added some decoration on the base of the crossbow, decorated the handle and mounted the trigger (11). I´ve added more decorations, painted ti silver, added mount on the downside decorated with rivets and added the 6 teeth on the arms of the crossbow. It took me a month to do this.¨

13) Painting tutorial

Here's how I painted this cosplay to look like silverish metal:

3) Advanatages and disadvantages of this costume:

- Stunning costume, that attracts attention wherever you are.
- I have same hair color with the character and the hair is hidden under the hood, so I don't have to wear wig.
- Your cosplay shows a lot of different skills (sewing, crafting, lightning, painting, modelling) and has a potential to win prizes.
- The use of this costume can be pretty diverse. I had a photoshoot with a lot of photographers interested in phantasy themes, had an interview about both Diablo and HotS games, even non-gamers and casual people admire the skill behind and beauty of this costume.
- Your costume isn't unnecessarily naked and doesn't show much skin. It's still quite sexy and seducing I think.

- Not really comfortable to wear
- Every wearing damages the moosgummi a lot - it's not very durable material - it needs a lot of repairs
- The transportation ond storing of the cosplay is not easy. It has a lot of parts and when I want to transport it, I have to take the biggest suitcase I have.
- Your cosplay looks weird and scary, so forget about wearing it on some public places without drawing attention. You cannot dress up in advance, but right on the place of the action/photoshoot.
- Your cosplay is not very original, because with every minute, more and more cosplayers around the world are making new Demon Hunters, because it's pretty famous character, a lot peoples favourite and with Heroes of the Storm, the Demon Hunter was reincarnated and it's popularity has risen. (To this point I have to say I hate makin unoriginal cosplays. But I said to myself, noone did it in CZ/SK, almost noone had a Blizzard cosplay then and I was the first cosplayer in CZ making DH and one of the first cosplayers, that made something from Diablo).
- You cannot dress alone in this costume, you need someone to help you.

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  1. I saw that crossbow design as well, and am currently trying to duplicate it for my inferno DH cosplay. However, the umbrella keeps breaking, specifically at the points where the spines attach to the main shaft. How did you make yours and did it hold up well?

  2. @Keira Berezanski - One of the spines broke for me too. When you're making it, try to bend them with pliers first and not force them with your hands to bend. It's good to buy a solid umbrella, good product with strong spines, that are not so easy to break ;)