Quake III Arena bots - SORLAG and KLESK profile (+FLESK)

- žena, mimozemšťan
- A scumbag of the first order that would not only see her grandmother, but volunteer to do the vivisection first, she's always looking for some way to get an unfair advantage. This Sorg Clan reptiloid merchant mercenary never let sentimentality about lesser species get in the way of business. In the Arenas, her business is simply showing no mercy and gibbing her opponents.

-bezpohlavní, mimozemšťan
- "Yekki-kampt-nikka-klesk-ki-kampt-pikka" means "people of one mind" in this chitinid's chittering tongue. But this being no longer touches the one mind. New voices speak to it, telling it that once it stills the churning minds that clutter the psychic plane around it, it will become the progenitor of a new and powerful people.
- Another bot like Klesk - FLESK



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