Quake III Arena bots - BONES and ORBB profile

- muž, člověk (zombie-kostra)
- Bones plays a defensive game; probably a wise choice given that he hasn't got much there to frag, you know? On q3dm16, he will invariably go for the shotgun, completely ignoring the rocket launcher. When he does occasionally pick it up, he uses it only to rocket jump before switching back to the boomstick. His strategy is to lurk around corners and hit you while running away, and it's surprisingly effective because he dodges behind walls so well. He also runs for health every chance he gets, continually keeping him charged up. Our recommendation? Use the rocket launcher for distance kills; if he gets anywhere near you with the shotgun, you're just as much of a corpse as he is.
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- bezpohlavní, mimozemšťan
- The eerily bipedal eyeball, Orbb first entered the battleground between worlds as an uninvolved observer, constructed by the Arena Masters to watch and record the battles. Soon, it surprised its masters (and other combatants) by taking up a weapon and joining the fray. What goes on in the mind behind that glassy lens remains a mystery. The trail of carnage it leaves behind is not.




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