Quake III Arena bots - ANARKI and URIEL profile (+ZAEL)

- muž, vylepšený člověk
-Anarki is the quitessential cyber punk. With his augmentation and enhancements, he's supplied with a constant overlay of graphical data. The world around him is reduced to a surrealistic virtual reality experience, but the damage he dishes out is very, very real.
- někde se můžeme dočíst, že Anarki téměř ztratil kvůli svým vylepšením lidskost

-bezpohlavní, obluda
Ages before anything even vaguely human was drawn into the Eternal Arenas, Uriel, the Dark Angel of Death reigned supreme. Rumored to be a descendant of the Masters themselves, Uriel's race inspired lesser creatures to cower in terror at the mention of their rending claws and mystic might. Although defeat will be the only release from a life of never-ending combat, the angel of death and destruction will only be beaten by one worthy to ascend to the next tier of combat...
- Another bot like Uriel - ZAEL



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