Payday 2 - Be the sniper/healer! skill tree by GERMIA #1

After receiving a lot of messages to share with you my skill trees in Payday 2, I´ve decided to write these three guides into my spending of experience points into skills and show you this way, what i like to play the most. I think you can inspire yourselves with what i did and have a better enjoynment of the game because of it ;)

This skill tree is made for leaders of the team with special abilities for boosting their team, using their skills for persuasion and intimidation of enemies and hostages. I made this skill tree oriented on sniper weapon and single-shot assault rifles with boosted doctor bag. If you combine the skill tree with Gambler perk, you can function as a healer for your team.

You can view this skill tree online by CLICKING HERE.


- allows you to revive your teammates just by shouting at them from the near distance (75% success) and you revive them 50 % faster. Reviving gives you both bonuses.
- The only boosted deployable equipment in the skill tree is doctor bag. You have two of them and they can give 4 charges. One thing I have
- Your skill support the use of single shot weapons, sniper rifles and assault rifles and pistols (as secondary weapon).
- You have 6 cableties to be able to controll the mission even when your group is not full and there are a lot of civilians.
- When standing near a tied-down hostage, he can give you ammo and health.
- Having at least one hostage gives you health.
- You have strong intimidation, you can even intimidate some enemies into a hostage (in stealth) or persuade them to fight on your side. They could be then traded for your teammate in custody. It´s great for tough mission with no civilians in sight.
- You have good movement speed and stamina,
- You skills are giving stability bonuses to your weapons.
- Your  armor recovery is better
- You can use your primary weapon in bleedout.
- You are made for carrying bags - you carry them as fast as it could be boosted and you interact with them as fast as it could be boosted, your throwing skill is boosted too.


This skill tree is best to combine with following perk decks:
 - Gambler - by picking up ammo, you heal yourself and your teammates.
 - Crew chief - headshot damage, bonuses for the whole team - stamina and health
 (- Hitman - akimbo skill (using 2 pistols), armor recovery.)

2) Make sure you´re using proper weapons for this skill tree. Best weapon you can use is M308 rifle with scope (picture), but if you buy DLC like Gage weapon sniper pack, then you can use different types of single-shot rifles or sniper rifles (I recommend R93 sniper rifle), with DLC Gage weapon pack #01, you can make a sniper rifle from any assault rifle by buying sigle-shot modification (picture) and scope, and with DLC´s Western pack and Ninja pack, you can get more sniper rifles.
Nice addition to that is a strong pistol with high damage like Desert Eagle or Bronco revolver.

3) This skill tree needs to be used with doctor bags - It´s the only boosted deployable equipment in the skill tree: You have two of them and they can be used 4 times.

Other alternatives of this skill tree:

Tough healer by Majoji:

If you're missing the ability to last long under enemy fire and want to have more armor, this skill tree is just for you. It's combining healer/tank/sniper skills.
You can find it IN THIS LINK.


Best useful is this skill tree on following heists:
1) Heists, that lack civilians, so you cannot trade your teammate - converting an enemy can solve this problem (White Christmas, Rats, Art gallery)
2) Heists, where you have to shoot on long distances (Meltdown, Train heist)
3) Really tough heists, that require someone, who can revive teammates fast and can help you by converting enemies. (Hoxton breakout, Slaughterhouse, all loud heists (on Deathwish difficulty))

I hope you like this guide I made with a little help of my more experienced friends. Keep in mind, it´s something, that fits my gameplay, it´s not an universal guide into Payday and enjoy!
Yours germia :)

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