QuakeLIVE - tips&tricks

Quake 3 Arena LIVE

It´s online and for free - It´s Quake LIVE

What to do?
2) Register and download the plugin (automatical) + updates (automatical)
3) Start your training - important for choosing your skill
4) Fight!

1) you can choose the arena according you skill (you show your skill in training with CRASH) (picture)
   ▲ orange arrow - your skill lower
   ▼ grey arrow - your skill higher
    green check mark - skill equal
2) you can choose from different types of the game
    •  Free for all = classic Deathmatch - you play against all players on the map
    •  CTF = Capture the flag - Team play - you have to capture the flag of the neemy team, that is placed ont their resp and bring it to you resp. Simultaneosly you defend your flag. Without your flag on the resp, you cannot score with the enemy flag.
    •  Team DM = You play in one team with other players against another team
    •  Clan Arena = this map is private
    •  InstaGIB = Deathmatch only with RAILGUN
    •  InstaCTF = Capture the flag only with railgun
3) you can have more bots than in normal quake - Janet, James, enhanced others (picture)4) you can simply adjust every aspect of your game - examples - every enemy will have bright green fat model - better to shoot and see, lower visual efects - better sight, ...
4) You can controll your successes, accurancy, best weapon and other stats of your game

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