Quake III Arena bots - GORRE and TANKJR profiles

- muž, kyborg (strogg, klon)
- Gorre is another of the Visor clo...um...replications. Like hi countless brothers, Gorre began life in a vat of synthetic amniotic fluid and first came to awareness as a fully grown adult. If he were half as good as he thinks, he'd be mopping the floors with Orbb and calling shots on Xaero.

Tank Jr.
- bezpholavní, kyborg (strogg)
- Like Alexander, son of Phillip of Macedonia, Tank Jr. is the rightful heir to a kingdom carved out be conquerors like his sire, the Tank Commander from Stroggos. Descended from that dreaded and feared military leader fought and defeated during the Stroggos Wars, this machine of war possesses an innate desire to crush all foes beneath his metal-shod heel.
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