Dragon Age: Awakening

Dragon Age: Awakening - only expansion pack or contiuation game?

Both of the options are right. At the beginning of the game you can either continue with your character or choose the new. If you choose the new, the story will continue from the default ending and your new character will have the level 18. This new game is longer than you will by expansion expect. I don´t recommend it to Dragon Age greenhorns, the game will not give you the win for free.

Why continuing after the happy end?
The Archdemon is dead but the darkspawn returned not into the underground. They have some new masters and powers

WARNING: spoiler alert!
don´t read the following if you want to be surprised!


1) Party members
Oghren is the only party member that stayed from the first part of the game.
The newcomers are:
Anders - human mage
Nathaniel Howe - rogue with archer specialisation,
Sigrun - dwarven rogue,
Velanna - Dalish elven mage,
Justice - pride demon,
Mhairi - female human warrior

2) Creatures
Architect - is a darkspawn emissary with a litttle bit of humanity.
Mother -  intelligent creature made by architect, her children are the blue creatures on the screenshots down on this site.
Inferno golem - heavily armoured and modified steel golem, our times the normal stell golem size surrounded by fire.
The Disciples - advanced form of darkspawn. Emissaries and bosses of the disciples: The First, The Withered, The Lost, The Herald.
Queen of Blasckmarsh - resurrected spectral dragon
Baronesss - elite female mage

3) Skill, spells, ...
There are more than 30 new features in this category, it will take long to write it here - so either google it or just be surprised :)

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