Batman: AC 1/5 - Batman, Strange, Catwoman, Joker

Incredible trailer, that is made only from the game (it´s showing only real gameplay from the game). I´ll tell more about the game itself later, just watch the trailer and enjoy!


This was the real game tariler, but you can see the first published trailer about Hugo Strange, that look so REAL! Like a feature film!



The trailer made ybout Catwoman showsthe character Catwoman, that is fully playable in the game! I think the best cawoman of all times was Michelle Pfeiffer, but this one should be on the second place! What do you think? Comment!


I can´t forget to mention this one! Joker! Probably the best Joker I´ve ever seen - masterpiece of art andsound. Thank you, Mark Hammil!

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