Assassins Creed Lineage - THE FILM

Ubisoft - the maker of the game Assassins Creed really knows how to do some good publicity. This short film is good example.In the first game we have controlled our hero, Assassin, in the atmosphere of Damascus and Jerusalem of the 12. Century. His object was to kill some important and bad people without a lot of attention. Now we meet him in the second game fighting in Venice and Florence in the Renesance era. There are some new enhancements of transport and some new killing styles. Ubisoft decided, that normal propagation isn´t enough and this is the product of their work. They made a short film with some features of the game and some real things. For example - there are living people as the actors but they play their roles in the fictional background.The main hero is Giovanni Auditori, father of Ezio, our Assassin in the game. Giovanni is killer for-hire. He has to face up very powerful family, that is aspiring to evert the ruling family, Medici, and destroy the united Italy. The future of the liberal Italy depends on Giovannis shoulders...

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